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June 29 – July 2, 2015

San Diego, California

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Health Care Approaches to Prevention

Mini-Plenary: MP 1.1: The Evolution of Obesity Prevention: Accelerating Upstream Prevention to Improve Health and Equity in Communities, and to Help a Reforming Health Care System

This session will highlight how obesity prevention practice and policy is evolving. Once the province of nutritionists and fitness advocates, the movement to prevent obesity has been adopted in other sectors including education, agriculture, and environment, and has taken on an equity agenda. Implementing health reform presents both opportunities and imperatives to advance obesity prevention. Our expert panel will highlight initiatives that infuse upstream, multi-sector approaches, address the social determinants of equity and obesity, and that are beginning to integrate with the health care delivery system, with an eye for scale and sustainability.

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Gina Celano, Population Health Specialist, Nemours Health and Prevention Services
George Flores, Program Manager, The California Endowment
Loel Solomon, Vice President, Community Health, Kaiser Permanente
Moderator: Ginny Ehrlich, Director, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

WS 1.2: Are you Tech Savvy? How to Assess if Technology Can Help Kids and Families

This session will provide participants with examples of how technology has been used with children to promote behavior change. Participants will learn ways to approach technology to determine if and how it fits a need. Part of the session will be interactive group discussions where the audience will share their own experiences using or thinking about technology.

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Jennifer Bass, Quality Lead for Pediatric Exercise and Obesity, Kaiser Permanente, Northwest Region
Tamie Tlustos-Arnold, Pediatric Case Manager, Kaiser Permanente
Kimberly Young, Health Education Specialist, Kaiser Permanente
Moderator: Julia Lee, Senior Consultant, Digital Health Strategy, Kaiser Permanente

WS 2.7: Family Centered Group Visits: Reducing Childhood Obesity in Vulnerable Populations

This session will highlight two innovative, evidence-based programs that utilize an interdisciplinary model to address obesity through a family centered approach. Active & Healthy Families of Contra Costa County is a culturally and linguistically tailored program for Latino families that utilizes interactive learning activities and measurable, goal- oriented tools for children and their families in the adoption of healthier habits. The Bite to Balance program in Alameda County utilizes fresh produce as a novel incentive and intervention for participation in an engaging pediatric group education program. Replicable lessons learned will be shared.

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Michele Bunker-Alberts, Family Nurse Practitioner, Alameda Health System
Annabelle Cadiz, Senior Public Health Nutritionist, Contra Costa Health Services
Daniela Jaramillo, Senior Public Health Nutritionist, Contra Costa Health Services
Tola Williams, Nurse Case Manager, Bite to Balance, Alameda Health System
Moderator: Kristine Madsen, Associate Professor, Joint Medical Program & Public Health Nutrition, UC Berkeley, School of Public Health

WS 3.7: The Continuum of Care: From Primary Prevention to Tertiary Management

This session will highlight collaborative partnerships that have resulted in innovations in health care delivery across the spectrum of obesity management from primary prevention to tertiary care. A primary prevention approach will be shared that focuses on building healthy habits among children ages 0-5 years old, as well as a multidisciplinary and tertiary management program that features partnerships to promote sustainable and effective care.

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Samantha Anzeljc, Quality Improvement Consultant, Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics
Amy Sternstein, Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, OSU and Center for Healthy Weight and Nutrition Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Miranda Westfall, Program Manager & Clinic Dietitian, Fit for Healthy Weight Program University of California, Los Angeles
Jennifer K. Yee, Assistant Professor, Pediatric Endocrinology, Be Forever Fit Program at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
Moderator: Megan Lipton-Inga, Director of Program Development, Diabetes and Obesity Program Children's Hospital Los Angeles
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